They’ll remember for?

Yesterday, I watched Sully. It is based on the real life story of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who lands the damaged plane on Hudson river, miraculously saving all the 155 lives on board. He is charged for not landing on LaGuardia or Teterboro and for ‘risking’ the lives of the passengers and damaging the airplane.... Continue Reading →


Stop giving fucks!

Imagine you are at the Times Square in New York city. This is your first time at one of the most happening places in the world. And you are all dressed up for the evening. Imagine you are at the center. Hundreds of people are passing by. You see tourists and enthusiasts from all over... Continue Reading →

What is life biggest trap?

Story Time: There is a kid, happy and naughty. One day he asks for a bicycle from his father. His father checks his financial condition where he sees that it is not possible to buy a new bicycle. But, he made a promise that “If you score good marks in your exam, I will buy you... Continue Reading →

Is the World truly Literate?

Today is 8th of September, It is known as the International Literacy Day. Aimed towards highlighting the significance of education and literacy, this day is a way to promote and create awareness about literacy. Now, we might think that, what is the need for such a day in today’s time what with digital sphere growing... Continue Reading →

Lesson of Life.!!

People will use you according to their need. People will judge you according to their mood. People will hurt you as if you don't have heart. People will ditch you when you need them the most. People will help you once, and take you for granted. People will make fun of you, if you do the same, they will get offended. People will love you until they find someone better than you. People will like you for your nature initially,... Continue Reading →

It’s okay !!

It's okay if you are facing problems with your career. It's okay if she/he has left you and broke your heart, it'll heal with time. It's okay if you regret talking rudely to your mom last night.. she's going to love you anyway without judging you and will forgive you at once. It's okay if... Continue Reading →

The Airport

Probably the busiest places on this earth. For every second somewhere someone flies from there home to somewhere else and someone returns home. I found this place full of emotions. This is the place where I have know what letting go and conquering feels like. Yes, the joy of having conquered the world after seeing... Continue Reading →

My Countrymen are sleeping..!!

The problem with India is that despite a huge increase in literacy rates, our education system does not really inculcate the basics of human life and ethics. Despite being educated, most of the Indian population still believes in superstitions. Our life is more based on faith and the fear of God’s acceptance or rejection into... Continue Reading →

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