Skin based device can now convert muscle movement into Electricity…..


Skin is great material for Tribo-Electric effect.This stamp-sized device takes electron from the skin. constant fictional movement in skin donates electrons to this device, which makes the device positively charged. the negative layer of the device is made up of flexible silicon rubber , which has thousands of tiny pillar-like structures on it. these structures increase the area in contact with the skin. the rubber layer contains 50nm-thick gold film, which acts as an electrode.

Test results shows that, if you tap the device with fingers, it produces 90V of current and 0.8MW of power. Researchers tested this device by attaching nano pillar side of the device on a human throat and forearm. The amount of electricity from one tap is enough to light up 12 standard LED lamps. There has been lot of research in this area and there are some Tribo-Electric generator already available in the market, but this product is flexible and very small in size. The team is working on different size that can be attached to the human body.


– Chengkuo Lee at IEEE MEMS 2015




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