Life in today’s generation of children’s TV, two-wheeler, not to be away from the phone and the Internet.

Children are using the Internet for various reasons, including the entertainment and pleasure of the objective of interpersonal communication is probably the most forefront. On the Internet can be fun to play several games. There are many modern and favorite songs through the listening and download. Nowadays social networking sites like Facebook has become the smallest child in the neighborhood. Today’s teens do not know how to write a paper, has also become more specialized than our ability to send mobile text messages and Internet e-mail. The world’s largest Internet media publicity in Asia and in South America. He has children in our country is a study that 20% of Internet usage.


Rural adolescents are not spared. This means that the presence of the children’s homes as well as schools become accessible. Now we can not keep them out of it. The Internet has also become a very useful learning activity. The Internet is an enormous source of data entirely unnecessary. Children’s books in the charms of the world now. Assume the cyber world by being immersed in it as they can get. Kharakhari irrationality of fear that the Internet is the only information available is not yet developed enough within them. Therefore, it is possible to provide to the misled. Moteranni household and schoolchildren here are much greater responsibility. TV, movies and the Internet world, which is the difference between fantasy and reality are portrayed not distinguish children and adolescents. Therefore, excessive TV See the child who uses the internet has become his self-composed racatum manojagatamam, which does not match the real world.


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