I Weave Magic With ‘Words’..!!

There once was a man who fell madly in love with a fairy. The fairy was the most beautiful creature in entire creation. Her voice was like the sound of morning bells dripping with the sweetness of honey. Her skin, pure white, glowed like the silver light of full moon. Her hair, like dark silk, swayed magically in lightest breeze. Smitten with her beauty, our hero went ahead and proposed to her.

The fairy said, “I’ll accept you as my lover, but under one condition.”

“What? ” the guy asked.

“You’ll have to carve out your mother’s heart and bring it to me as the wedding gift.”

The guy was shocked for a moment, but he was so blinded with love that he immediately agreed.

He rushed back to his home where his mother was sleeping on a cot. He took a kitchen knife and carved her heart out. Then he wrapped the heart in a piece of cloth and hurried back to the fairy’s grove.

He walked with quick strides, blindly rushing forward, singing to himself in euphoria. Soon, he would be united with his love! He was ecstatic. In all his excitement, he suddenly stumbled on a big rock in the middle of the road, and fell. His face bluntly hit the ground. The mother’s heart jerked out of his hand and landed in front of him with a thud.

Next moment, a voice came from the heart,“Beta, chot to nahi lagi na!” (Son, are you hurt!)


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