Is Feminism still Relevant in Modern Society..??

What are you doing these days?”I asked Ria

Nothing. I am sit at home Mom” I can sense the disdain in her voice.

But You always wanted to work” I asked

Yes but My In-Laws and Husband Won’t allow moreover I am a Mom now,I have had to quit my career (if She had one) to raise my kidShe expressed her helplessness.

Ria is a well educated women with Masters in Business Administration from a reputed college. Her Parents never allowed her to work stating the reasons “You can work after you get married till then pursue higher studies”

So Do we need feminism in Modern World ?

Ofcourse ,We do . Why ?

There are many women out there like Ria between us. Who have dreams . Who want to achieve more. But all they can do is worry about “What to cook today?” Their career has been snatched away from them.

Whenever the question of Raising a Child arises Its the Mom who always has to Leave her career back and Dads are the one who are considered to be the sole bread earner of the house.

We need feminism. Because we don’t want the Bright Ria’s to give up their Careers under the pretext of Marriage or Relationship.

I heard a line somewhere “You are not just defined by your Relationship. You are defined by our Own Identity”

Around 48% of women drop out Mid -Career. (Times of India)

The problem is that the patriarchy does not exist.  We do not live in a male dominated society or a society that values masculine behavior over feminine behavior.  There is absolutely no evidence that women have less rights than men.  We actually have more than men and if we were living under a patriarchy, this wouldn’t be the case.  The wage gap and rape culture are based off of false statistics that have been proven over and over again to be false.  Women’s portrayal in media and the concept of micro aggressions are so subjective that people within feminism can’t even agree on it.

I don’t think that most feminists know they are striving for female superiority.  I think that the leaders of the movement do, but I don’t think that the average feminist does because it’s so easy to ignore things that make you uncomfortable.  Why does it make them uncomfortable?  Because equality would include the end of sex based quotas, women being drafted or the end of selective service, women losing more custody cases, more women being incarcerated for domestic violence, female rapists actually being named as such and punished just as severely as male rapists, women having longer prison sentences, women not being able to rope their male sexual partners into financial parenthood, women no longer receiving alimony, less female only domestic abuse shelters, women having to “deal” with intact penises,  people who make obviously false rape allegations are punishable by law, and the end of “listen and believe” in the case for alleged female rape victims.  That’s what a true egalitarian society would look like where men and women are actually equal.  Feminists do not recognize any of those issues that would result in the loss of female privileges.

So is feminism still relevant?  Yes, but only because there are still feminists out there attempting to inspire policy and public opinion.  Should it be relevant?  No.  It needs to die out, become a movement for actual gender equality, or shift its focus to brainstorming ways to solve the issues


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