“That’s your problem”..!!!

Arya is blind and Waif beats her mercilessly.

Arya : “Wait..I can’t see”..

Waif : “That’s your problem”..

There lies a very powerful message in these 2 lines for the mankind..

If you have a ‘problem’, its ‘absolutely’ your own problem. Family,Friends and well-wishers can console or inspire you for a moment in today,but again ‘you’ alone have to deal with it tomorrow.

If you are lacking ‘something’ – or deprived of some ‘possession’ or someone you know is holding something/someone which/whom you craved for,its again ‘your’ own trouble and there’s none outside who gives fuck about you.

Born poor ?Learn the ways to make money,try,fail,struggle and try again.

Poor Grades concern you? Study overtime,practice,take extra classes.. Don’t expect your fellow mates to stop studying till you get good grades..

Jealous of your friends abs ? Hit the Gym,Burn the calories,follow a diet..There isn’t any easy path..

The World isn’t fair and neither it is fairer on your part to expect it to pause for a moment so that you can pick your tools for the competition.


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