Hypocrisy in India..!!!

A incident that happened in one of the noted schools of Bangalore. A girl X was suspended from school on Monday by Y school principal for getting ‘physically intimate’  with a boy.

The act of indecency was just a friendly hug in the playground .

Upset over the harsh punishment given to her and the complaint letters sent by the school to her parents, the girl committed suicide by jumping from her apartment.

The point to be noted is : That punishment was only given to the girl and nothing happened to the boy involved!!

Now, what does that suggest about our mentality?

1)Punishing a girl for hugging a guy when the rapists roam freely in the country !!

2)You need both hands to clap. When two people do something , both are equally involved and responsible. Then , why is it that always girls have to bear the brunt of society? Just because they are “weaker , fairer ” sex, they have to keep tolerating this discrimination?

3) There are notable people who don’t want girls to enter libraries because they will distract the boys ?

I am not saying that schools should not be disciplined, but there are other better ways to handle situations like this. Children should be educated and given advice. India is changing and people need to understand that. And lastly, don’t wanna sound too feminist, but ONLY GIRL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE.!!!

this has been the behavior of our society towards a female victim. I have just tried to bring out an analogy in that regard. So many “VVIPs” or their relatives commit such heinous crimes and walk free. This answer is to throw light on such examples. And for the people who are saying I have compared that boy to a rapist ! I have no where done that in this article, and giving an analogy that “a girl is punished for hugging a guy while some rapists roam freely! ” is in no  way against that boy and I have no intention to compare HIM to a rapist!


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