When I was lost faith in humanity?

One morning I started to read the paper, ‘Times Of India’ and came across this news…It was really really disturbing!

A tweet that went viral showed a naked 16-year-old regaining consciousness with the message, “Pounded the girl – Get it. Hahaha!” The same day, another man posted another tweet with a picture of his face next to the girl’s private parts with the lewd message, “Rio state opens a new tunnel for the speed train.”

The Rio police are currently investigating the report filed by the girl against 30 men who drugged and raped her last weekend, including her 19-year-old boyfriend.

“This is the famous slut from Barão”, says one man on the video as he films the girl lying unconscious. “Over 30 guys have made her pregnant”, says another man, laughing. At least three male voices can be heard in the video boasting of the gang rape.

While both the Twitter accounts were suspended after the complaint was filed, 550 people had liked it! There were many who responded to the tweets with smileys and thumbs-up icons accompanying vulgar remarks on the woman.

After the 36 hour-long brutality, the victim was taken to a hospital by a local. She then tried to escape from the hospital several times, pleading “I just want to go home”.

The vicious rape has sparked a new range of protest against the crimes on women in Brazil. Women constitute 52 per cent of the population of the country.
In Brazil, a woman is raped every 11 minutes, according to data released by the Brazilian Forum on Public Security at the end of last year. In 2015, the country recorded 47,646 cases of rape.

The Human Rights Commission of Rio de Janeiro issued a statement, “It is an act of barbarity and cowardice. The attack on this young woman is also an aggression against all women. We are seeing an increasing dehumanization and disrespect for others. The main victims have been women. Our solidarity with the young victim, her family and all women”.
What has triggered greater angst across the nation is the fact that local media have almost completely blacked out the news of the rape.
It is just one of those many cases that goes unnoticed and are not cared about. It is a shame that we live in a world like this!

Source- A Teenager In Rio Was Gang-Raped By 33 Men For 36 Hrs. Here’s Why Brazil Is Keeping It A Secret

This case completely broke my trust in humanity and God knows how many Children, teenagers and adult boys and girls are there who are facing things like that and even though we know about a very few of these things we only show pity and forget about it. Nothing has disturbed me more than this.


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  1. Hate to break it to you, but far worse than that constantly happens. Don’t even want to think about how many people, at this exact moment, are locked in people’s basements. And that’s far from the worst that happens.


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