“He was sitting across the road on a footpath, silently glaring the other side.

The other side was a more crowded part, filled with people and street vendors selling the sweet dishes.

He was constantly focusing on one such shop which was selling Jalebis, there were a lot of people near the shop, many were buying in haste. In the process of hurriedly packing thejalebis, one such jalebi fell down on the ground.

The boy got up right away with his torn clothes and famished face, eyes filled in a hope to quench the evil hunger, crossed the street, went near the shop and picked up

the jalebi. He came back to where he was originally seated.

Just when he was about to eat it, he stopped, pondered for a moment and started running across the road. On his way, he found a poster on the wall. He snatched the poster only to wrap the jalebi. He ran towards the slum with his naked legs.

After crossing zillions of similar looking wretched houses, he stopped at one. Opened the fragile door to find his 1 year old brother sitting in desolation waiting for his 6 year old brother to comfort him.

He broke the jalebi into pieces and made him eat that. After he was finished, he ate the crumbles lying on the ground, then started biting off his own skin out of excruciating agony.”


Now, with this story I would like to iterate that maturity doesn’t come with age. He was truly mature to not steal, lie or beg, to not be selfish but selflessly take care of his brother first and then think about himself.

The six year old in such a tender age was made mature by the circumstances, plight of poverty and the responsibilities he had towards his younger brother.

Time and circumstances have a great effect on the maturity level you have.

A mature person will not tolerate self-deception.
To a mature person while the self and others can
be puzzling at times, by being true the puzzle can
be solved.

An immature person is riddled with self-deception.
To an immature person being true is a riddle which
can’t be figured out.

Maturity is that state in your life when you start believing that now you are capable of taking decisions for your own life by your own and start interfering into the life of your dependents thinking yourself as more experienced than them.


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