Life is so Unfair.!! Compared What ???

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After speaking to an online friend of mine for more than an hour over WhatsApp, I was thrilled and humbled. So, I wanted to share my experience with all of you. Hence I wanted to collect few reasons on ‘Why is life so beautiful?’, but before I could complete typing it in, Google suggested me the following:

  • Why is Life so unfair?
  • Why is Life so hard?
  • Why is life so boring?
  • Why is life so complicated?

I was amazed looking at such suggestions and thought for a while, how many people are even searching this? that Google felt that even I was looking for the same. Immediately, a thought flashed to my mind to write on ‘Why is Life so Unfair?’ So let me begin by a quote,

“Life is a big fat gigantic stinking mess, that’s the beauty of it, too.” – Gayle Forman

Life is unfair with all of us and that makes it completely fair. Aren’t we unfair to life in asking ‘Why is Life so unfair?’?

  • Life is unfair only when we do not explore its unfairness.
  • Life is only unfair when we have no time to live, but just survive.
  • Life is unfair only when we say life is unfair.
  • Life is unfair only when we have no time for life.

God takes awesome care in making each one of us. People are not mass created. What we look like is a consequence of His careful planning. A few of us wish He had done a better job. When it comes to external beauty, we are not all created equal…or are we? It depends on how you define beauty.
Let me illustrate this by a small story that I usually tell to people who say they are ugly.

In a mental hospital, a patient was assigned two doctors for his treatment. One doctor was very beautiful whereas another was ugly like shit. But, every time the beautiful doctor comes to the patient, the patient would shout and scream out of fear and anytime the ugly doctor comes, the patient would sit calm and get his treatment done without shouting and screaming.

That was because the beautiful doctor did not show love toward the patient. It is not that he was rude, tough or something. It was just that there was no sign of love that could be understood by the patient. Contrary to that, the ugly doctor was full of love. The patient was not only calm and silent, but also was very happy and thrilled to get treated by this ugly doctor.

Moral: Beauty is just in our brains. When you have you no brain, you just understand love.

We all make our lives not less than a hell and ask or search in Google as “Why is Life so unfair?” We make our lives hell by participating into the competition of Life. Our parents welcome us to the human race.
That business you work for? Somebody’s attempting to execute it. That occupation you like? Somebody would love to replace you with a PC program. That girlfriend / boyfriend / lucrative occupation / Nobel Prize that you need? So does another person.

The same online friend of mine (Who I spoke with over WhatsApp) sometimes had his Google Plus status telling, “Everyone wants you to do good, but not better than them”.  This is what life is whether or not you like it. We all are scared of each other. You are scared of me and I’m scared of you.  Life gives us beautiful chances to be happy and we simply ask ‘Why is life so unfair?’.

When we compete and win with all our hard-work, do we not get that happiness that brings tears in our eyes? At the same time there is that person who lost the competition and is very sad and unhappy. Life doesn’t come with instructions on “How to be happy?”, but it just gives you opportunities to extract happiness.

We all believe in a God who blesses us for good deeds and punishes us for bad deeds.  Regularly, when somebody experiences a personal setback, the “consolation” given to them by us is: “Don’t worry, God has a plan for your life,” or, “It’s all part of God’s special plan for you.”
Tell this to:

  • A mother who lost her son due to cancer
  • A son whose parents were killed
  • A husband who lost her wife during delivering her child

This is how we ultimately manage to blame God or blame life for such things. Things happen just the way they should. All we can do is experience life in all ways. Instead of believing in God that way, one can believe God neither blesses us for good deeds nor punishes us for our bad deeds.

All He does is gives you results of what you have done. In other words, He has designed you to design yourself. So, design yourself however you want.


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