The antique clock on the wall alerted that it was 8 P.M.

An old man, seated in a chair, looked at the clock and had a tear in his eye.

His wife consoled him as she realised what made him cry.

Their daughter had gotten married just yesterday and their home turned to a house all over again.

“You know something? I never used to forget to take my medicines.” he confessed.

“What? You always used to forget. Our daughter, Meera, would remind you about it everyday.” his wife explained.

“Nah! That was just an excuse. I never forgot to take my medicines. It’s just that I loved it when she would stop by me sharp at 8 P.M.” he confessed a secret.

His wife’s lips curved in happiness.

He further added, “It’s 8 P.M. and I’m missing Meera today.”

The very next moment, his mobile buzzed.

He checked it and found a message from Meera.

It’s time for your medicines. Please take them.” read the message.

That message delivered happiness in its simple caring words.

Meera’s father was happy that at least his daughter stayed connected with him even now so he replied a smiley – “:).

Meera’s mobile buzzed, but it was in Raj’s hand.

Raj looked at the messages and started to delete them, but could only manage to erase one of the sent ones before he saw Meera emerge from the washroom.

He quickly threw the mobile on the bed just as Meera approached him and checked her mobile.

She then questioned Raj verbally, “Hey! Why did dad send me a smiley?”

Raj smiled and acknowledged it as, “How would I know?”, keeping his secret as it is.

That day, for the first time, Raj started handling Meera’s responsibilities, as he was now a husband and a family man, in addition to being a doctor

(Name were Changed True story:)


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