“You will never have enough…..”


I deeply believe in this 5 words sentence. Maybe some of you argue in the contradiction to this, but it is 1||1 , always true.

We can take an example of any great person and see his life. He might have earned a lot of money and name and fame in his 30’s or 40’s.

But did he stop?

Was he satisfied with his life?

The answer will be NO!!

He kept on going in search of more and more and more…… and is still not satisfied.

Now, If we accept this truth about life, we can easily learn how to be satisfied in our life, thus making our life better. Don’t misinterpret me for asking not to be ambitious. I am saying that there are many other ways.

Now here comes another sentence :

“You can do anything but, you can’t do everything!!”

Be ambitious for one or two things as high as you can be, but be satisfied in the other fields for what you have.

Hope this will make a good change in your life and why wouldn’t it?

“You are the hope of the future.”

My teacher didn’t write “You will be the hope of the future.”

She wrote, “You are the hope of the future.”

For some reason, reading that one remark – that one sincere and simple sentence addressed to me in the present tense – filled me with the hope that I am actually worth something. One simple sentence turned my life around.

I am hope. I am a human being, the embodiment of possibility. And I can change the world. That’s really powerful to understand.


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