Journey of A Life..!!

Hmm… There are so many things I learnt in my 21 years here on this amazing Earth!!

Good things may come to those who wish, better things come to those who wait, but the best things ALWAYS come to those who NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Honour and Self-Respect are worth more than a thousand lifetimes’ worth of gold earned! They are what make us immortal long after we are gone!

The concept of ‘cool’ that people have is pretty flawed! Being polite is cool!

Being helpful and chivalrous is hipppie! Doing the right things in style is macho!

Stand up for what you believe in! You have values you live by, don’t you? Fight for them! The greatest inspirations of mankind comes from striving and living for causes greater than oneself!!

You have a choice in every situation! ALWAYS! There is no real thing as “I had no choice!!”

Those who believe in their power of choice ALWAYS win, no matter what! Because they ALWAYS choose to never give up when things get tough!

What you think, you become! Literally, what you believe in with all your heart comes true! It takes time, that’s all!! That’s magic!

True Love exists! For everyone! If you believe you’ll be forever alone, because you believe in it, it’ll remain that way! So what if you broke up with somebody? Means it’s making way for a better person to enter and change your life! Be the right human and the right person will definitely enter your life!! And stay!!

Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who DO!!

Hard times will always show who really cares for you and who is making a show of it!!

And when you know your true friends, just DON’T let them go! Make them know they are special and mean a lot to you!! Keep them close!!

Family is SOOOOO much more about who loves you the way you are and cares for you, not at all about blood and relatives! All of us have seen this! It’s ALWAYS about who’s there for you when you need it!!

Life is becoming better in the world! Even with all that tragedy and pain! It’s only that we don’t hear enough of the good things to keep us going!! 🙂 😉

Those who chase their destinies become LEGENDS !! History has countless examples of ordinary people who never stopped dreaming and working on their dreams and made their way to glory!


Those who ridicule you when you’re gonna go for a venture can be actually afraid that you’ll achieve your goals!!

What matters most is not what others think of you, but what YOU think of you!!

Magic exists! Miracles exist! All that matters is that you BELIEVE in them!! I can give many personal examples of this!!

No disease is incurable! Just because the doctor said so doesn’t mean the situation is out of control!!

It’s possible to achieve all that we imagine! And AYE, EVEN MORE AND BEYOND!! The ideal life we want!! It’s all possible! Believe and work toward it!! Think of IT!!

You are loved! Each one of us! Even the most evil one!! We are all loved and cherished! Not necessarily romantic, can be the love of a friend or sibling or parent or any other!!

The world belongs to OPTIMISTS! Proud to be one!


God exists! Or Energy exists! It’s however YOU wanna see it!! That, exists for each of us – for the theists and scientists! It’s the power in us that manifests as the Universes around us!

Never be judgemental! You never know what that other person’s story is!! LIVE AND LET LIVE!

Be open-minded! Much of the tragedy and pain plaguing this world right now can still be cured by being aware of the global impact the cruel acts humans do on each other and on their planet – by accepting each others’ right to live happily and share resources happily with each other!!

We all have our own concept of the Truth! Then something comes along and makes us doubt our concept, then it’s our choice to continue with it or modify it!

Time is a concept that we humans created! Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90!!!

Pain makes you stronger and wiser! But everyone doesn’t need to go through pain to understand yours. Empathy – putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their feelings – will do the magic!!

You should know when to stand up for others and when to stand up for yourself! Strong and soft is indeed an awesome combination! Extreme self-lessness is cruel to yourself by all standards!

Be who you are! You like being serious? Be serious! You like being easy-going? Be easy-going! Be who you choose to be! Why be a copy of others when you can be an original of yourself??


Why so serious about life? Look at children! They have absolutely no reason to feel excited and joyous! They just are!! Their curiosity is amazing! Be like them!!

Speak from the heart, always!! That makes you human!!



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