Triple Talaq issue: Muslim women fighting for their rights..!!


I have no intention to offend any community and their personal laws, I am just putting forth the perspectives of my own which possibly may coincide to the views of larger chunk of global diaspora.

My intellectual concern is for Muslims, not for Islam. My argument is that Islam may not change; the Quran will not change. But the followers of Islam can change. There is possibility of change because democracy is the only agent that introduces multiple turning points in an individual’s life. When we speak of democracy, we speak of – in the words of British author Bernard Crick – “some congruence between democracy perceived as a set of values and democracy as a set of institutional arrangements”; democracy can be seen as “a principle or doctrine of government” and as “a set of institutional arrangements or constitutional devices”.

There is rule of Talaq in Muslim personal law ‘Sharia’ which talks about several personal laws followed by Muslim community. In accordance to Sharia“In the Talaq (divorce), husband pronounces the phrase “I divorce you” (in Arabic, Talaq) to his wife. A man may divorce his wife three times, taking her back after the first two (reconciling). After pronouncing ‘Talaq’ either once or twice or thrice, the man has to wait for 3 menstrual periods before finally letting his wife leave.” But a wrong version of this rule is being practiced in India which leads to divorce if a man chants ‘Talaq’ three times in a single sitting. This is evidently the most cruel act which makes women feel trivial and a kind of slave to their husbands.

In contrast to it Muslim women have no such procedure that they could divorce their husband in a single sitting. They have to follow a specific rule so called ‘Khula’ which takes longer and is complex as compared to “Triple Talaq”. This is clear violation of Right to Equality for Muslim women if analyzed profoundly.

Take of distinguished Muslim women who have come forward to confront it, is quite applaudable and a right step in direction of women empowerment.

Now let’s talk about permanent solution to it. Since we follow one constitution and common penal codes for every single Indian citizen irrespective of their religion, race and ethnicity so we should be brought under an umbrella of UNIFORM CIVIL CODE for solutions to marriage, succession, inheritance and divorce issues. It shall make the thing quite transparent and equal to everybody.

Let’s make India a better place to live and a more secular nation.

Jai Hind


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