“It’s Okay And “No” Solution of Happiness..!!!

It’s Okay – These two words save you from so much trauma you can impose on yourself.Your once close friend circle is no longer so frequently in touch with you?! It’s okay.



Give yourself sometime, there might, actually, will be many good people out there, whom you can befriend and form another friend circle.

Life and happiness doesn’t vanish away with one person or group.You failed in an exam. You failed in a semester. You got detained.?! It’s okay.

Hang in there. There are many who fail. There are many who are struggling. It’s not a pride issue. It is embarrassing, of course. But it’s okay. Finish what you started. :)You are not qualified for placements?! Your peer got an amazing package, while you just sit aside?! It’s okay.

The companies that come for placement are not the only companies in the world. There are many out there. Buck up. Take your resume. Brush your basics and start hunting. It’s a tiring struggle, just don’t get tired. Marks are important, but even skill matters. You are not good in theory.. so what?.. you might be good in practicals. Keep trying.You started with a really low package?!It’s okay.

Some have no jobs. You have managed to get one, on your own. Be happy. This is the start. Learn, work, groom yourself. You’ll grow and grow way better than you expected.After five years, your friends are still earning more than you?! It’s okay.

Not everyone has the same journey. They got early placements/they had a good starting package/they are more intelligent… They have their journey, you have yours. In these five years, all that matters is your own growth. From a low salary to a respectable one, you are a hero. Praise yourself.Your siblings earn better than you. They are better than you in everything. You feel a bit jealous?! It’s okay.

It’s very very normal. Just don’t fan this jealousy to bitter ends. Love them for their success  is your pride. 🙂 Beam to the fullest for your journey to success is their hidden inspiration 🙂


No – The world doesn’t crash down if you use this word. Learn to use it.You are given a task minutes before you leave for home. You are expected to finish it but you know the task cannot be done in such a short time. Say No.

Saying yes to everything, doesn’t make you are superman/superwoman. It makes you prone to mistakes and eventually becoming a punching bag. Hasty work creates blunders for which you’ll be pointed out to later on. Put your foot down and say no to it.You are asked to come on weekends or asked to work late hours despite company policies of specified hours?! Say No.

We are employees not slaves. We work to live not to die at workplace.Your manager exclaims, in front of other employees, astonished about you not knowing the tricks in Excel or any other language. Be confident and say No.

You are a pro in your work and it’s not necessary to know everything. You are in the office to work and learn side by side. There is nothing to be embarrassed about it. You haven’t worked on it. So, you don’t know it. Speak it up. The mockery should end then and there.The employee you are teamed up with is a pain in the ass. He/She doesn’t help you when needed. Doesn’t respond to you in spite of numerous approaches.?! Talk to your boss and say No to working with him/her. It’s takes from both the sides to form a team. Try your best and then talk to your boss with all the incidents.Your parents / neighbors/ relatives/ friends are suggesting you to do a course. But you are not interested. Say No.

You cannot do justice with anything if your heart isn’t it.You are not interested in relationships/ marriage at the moment. Say No.

 Half-hearted yes makes everyone’s life miserable. Not everyone can have a fairy tale love story in this scenario. Take the plunge only when you want to


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