Can India really boycott Chinese Products??

Indian consumers and Trade unions are boycotting many Chinese products successfully ahead of festive season. Many Modi detractors have placed self defeating accusations against the Government for it’s inability to impose blanket ban on import of Chinese products.

Indians are know for buying cheap products, do not even spend on ISI mark helmets. Just see how people are running to buy cheap reliance jio Chinese phones.

Chinese companies have researched about Indian markets more than Indian companies. Its is not Chinese want us to buy but its it what we want to buy.

Just ask any battery/Electronic goods company which shutdown recently , they will say they can’t produce even the quality the Chinese companies are able to produce at that price.

This is how we should ban Chinese goods, not by typing from Chinese goods.

No Indian Government can ban the import of Chinese goods as it will flout the norms of World Trade Organisation The Government at best can impose anti-dumping duty on specific Chinese goods which churns significant amount of revenue for the Government.
In the age of globalisation and cut throat competition ,the basic yardstick should be to buy quality based goods. Today China imports only 0.8% of it’s total imports from India while India imports 12.4% of it’s total imports from China.China exports only 2.3% of it’s total exports to India.while India exports 4.3% of it’s total exports to China.

At present India does not have enough manufacturing base and infrastructure certainly not a cost competitive one to meet the growing demand of rising population.Our economic riches have been built upon services sector.If we cut down imports of 12.6% from China ,then who will source to compensate such huge percentage of imports?

We must also be prepared to face retaliation from China also towards our exports to China .Many Indian manufacturers who have established their manufacturing facilities in China may have to face the heat.China can always manipulate it’s currency “Yuan ” which is a basket of reserve currency to create pressure on Indian rupee.
Indian consumers can bring instant and real change if they refrain themselves from buying Chinese goods outrightly. On the other hand Government will have to help in building infrastructure in a phased manner and reduce the dependency of consumers on cheap Chinese imports.Our individual self growth even as a small business start up can contribute to growth of India towards self reliance

Politicians and Demagogues always look for someone to blame and Foreigners are always the easiest targets. In today’s world, blaming Chinese Productivity has become a classic tool for Demagogues across the globe.
However, The true fact of the matter is that Chinese Products have been a great boon to the Indian poor and Middle Class.
They have led to huge cost-savings for Indian Consumers improving their lifestyles. They have allowed Indian Workers to focus on what we do best.
Plus, the Chinese surpluses have either been invested in India, Financed Government bonds or exchanged on the Currency Markets helping make our Export Businesses more Competitive.

How Chinese goods have made the Tech Industry’s growth possible. There would have been no market for iPhone apps if iPhones were costlier and thus out of reach of normal consumers.
You would have waved goodbye to all those Startup jobs making Mobile Apps.

A boycott of Chinese goods won’t help India, it will make Indians poorer.



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