“Money has no intrinsic value”

My mother tells me that “Money has no intrinsic value. It’s just a means of exchange, nothing less, nothing more”. So if you can exchange it for more collective happiness, you should do that. What it translates to is:

If I am out and I want to get me a pizza worth 500/- and I see hungry kids outside, I would get me a burger for 100- 125/- instead and something for the kids with the rest of the money.

If I go to the movies and I intend to spend around 1000/- that day, 7/10 times I come back home without watching the movie. I rather end up spending it on someone else. And then I wait for the torrents to arrive. [Guilty of piracy].

If I am out looking for a shoe and I like something that’s about 5k/7k range, I would get me something that’s worth 3k/5k and with the rest buy cheap shoes/ sandals for someone.

I don’t do it when I am out with friends except a very few who don’t find it funny or condescending.

So I am spending the same amount of money that I would, just for more collective happiness and this doesn’t count as charity. Since it’s technically dad’s money that I spend .. so if there’s karma, I hope it does good to my dad.

One of the upsides to it is that I don’t smoke, do drugs, wear anything very expensive because that would not be money well spent in the wise words of my dear economist and pro socialist mother.


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