Don’t die before you actually Die..!!


I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid I haven’t been alive enough. — Mr. Nobody (Movie)

When I was a kid my biggest trophy was getting a new school bag, instrument box, eraser (specially non dust). Today whenever I think, I wonder what happened to that happiness? So, what should you do before you die? Find happiness in small things, behave like a kid.

People used to suggest, go have some tour to Bangkok, Mauritius or Switzerland, you will feel alive. Trust me I felt most alive whenever I rode my cycle. Happiness can be found anywhere, if you are not happy, then even if you reach to the moon you will be sad.

Yesterday I got a question, “What is the reason you do not like Shivam Patel.”

Today, “Is Kosha Patel committed to Shivam Patel.”

Trust me these things might give you instant happiness by defaming someone. But poking your nose in someone else’s life will only give you restlessness. Try to make your life perfect before you die. Life is short, don’t waste time analysing other’s life and tracking their activities.

Lastly, don’t die before you actually die.


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