When does a Girl fall in love?


Yeah..!!!  Girls are complicated.

They are always confused when it comes to love.But its OK to be confused… its OK to be complicated, because without complications your life would be a dead sea with no interesting facts to share with your future generation.!! Hahaha…

Girls never give a straight cut YES or NO when it comes to love. They take a lot of time to understand their feelings and to trust someone completely is a big deal for them.  But there are a few girls who would give love a chance, they go with the flow and see if it really works. This is a good way to know your emotions and to know if you really like the person.

Yes attraction is always there for a girl to like someone. But attraction doesn’t always include physical appearance. It involves different other qualities that a girl would want to see in a guy. They might fall for the guy’s simplicity, for the way he treats others(be it people or animal),for his sense of humor and yes… mainly if the guy is caring enough then high chances of the girl falling for him. Be a support system for her when she is in trouble, make sure she is comfortable around you while sharing her fears and darkest secrets.

Respect!!!! One thing that every girl deserves.

It might take a fraction of second or sometimes years together to fall in love.But the real deal is to fall in love with the same person each time…everyday… till eternity!!! 🙂


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