What is the Meaning Of Life?


The voice of pressing keyboard keys was breaking the silence of the night. Shiv’s fingers were on fire at 2 A.M. in the night.

While surfing on the web, an ad displayed on Shiv’s laptop screen with the title – “What’s the meaning of life?”

Shiv thought to give it a deal and found one page website asking him to buy a book. He held the coffee cup from the table, took a coffee sip and got up from the desk.

Then, he walked towards his room’s window. He gazed at stars and the moon. Now even keyboard’s voice was gone. Pure silence was accompanying him. Just that time, out of nowhere, he noticed a beggar type of guy, who was about to eat his one and only piece of bread. But, a black dog came to him by wagging his tail.

That dog didn’t bark at him, but its eyes were looking at the beggar. The homeless guy happily gave his one and last piece of bread to that dog and smiled. Later, the dog didn’t leave that guy. They both slept on the street.

Shiv noticed that incident while having few coffee sips. That guy’s smile delivered a smile to Shiv’s face. Somewhere on the palm of darkness, that night, Shiv understood the meaning of life and love. Shiv took a seat in his chair and closed the tab of big 250Rs. book titled – “Life”


“Stories  are Communal currency of Humanity”



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