A Dream…!!!!!!


After getting bad AIR, Shiv was worried what would happen to his dream of studies in IIT. He was in need of relaxation and tea did that job better for him. So, he visited to a tea stall and ordered a cup of tea.

Shiv was seated at a table and he heard some voices and gave it an ear.

“Yeah, I saw a dream last night and It was Rappchik (Awesome)..” a boy was saying to his friend.

“..I went to that big English school and I was speaking in fluent English with everyone. I got 1st in running competition. I had yummy yummy food from the school canteen and .. ”

Meanwhile, he heard a loud voice.

“Chotu, where the hell are you? Go and deliver tea at the table no 4.” tea stall owner angrily shouted at chotu.

“Your tea, sir!!” a smiley face said to Shiv at the table no 4 and went away.

Shiv just wondered, how the basic needs of a child, can be a dream? On the other hand, he smiled that how silly he was to get depressed for a bad AIR. With every sip of tea, Shiv kept watching cute chotu working and comparing his childhood with chotu’s.

No later on, Shiv didn’t offer any money or food to chotu as tip, neither did he call the cops and complain, but he got a new dream to admit chotu in a school and help many others like him by becoming a volunteer.

So, did you see any Chotu today? Will you be Shiv?


Everyone deserves the best start in life,Education is essential to a child’s development. I hope that as an Ambassador I can encourage people to join Different NGO to make education a reality for children throughout the world.

Currently, I’m Working With Pathshala NGO and Wealth Foundation.


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