Yes. I have failed Myself..!


Yes. I have failed myself.

Before writing anything, I want you to know the difference among – Success, Failure and Satisfaction.

Let’s say, you have an exam for Mathematics. Full marks: 100, Pass Marks: 40.

But, according to your preparation you are sure about getting 90+.

Result declared, and you got 70.

Is it a failure? No. It isn’t. You have successfully crossed the cut off.

Is it a success? No. It isn’t. Your aim was 90+. Your preparation was not enough to cross the threshold.

Satisfaction, people will say that you should be satisfied with your marks(70). It is more than enough looking at passing marks. They will compare you to people who failed. And they will tell you that you are fortunate enough and should be thankful to God for what you’ve scored in exam.

Exactly same thing happens in life.

May be you are not a failure because you have crossed the Cut Off set by the world (a job, a flat, a car, family) but ask yourself. Is that it? Was that the only dream you had since your childhood?

People will remind you that you should be satisfied with what you have in your life because many people don’t even have this much. Most people listen to these people and forget their 90+ aim and get comfortable with 70.

Do you remember the song? “ye duniya pittal di” (This world is made up of Brass). It’s true that world is made up of Brass. Because it makes too much of noise.

And one more thing, Don’t forget while pursuing your dream – If you fail, you still have something to live with, most people don’t even have these. At least, you tried.      

Yes, I have failed myself. But I haven’t surrendered yet.                 




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