The bitter truth About India..!!


A small story of a couple.

Hey, why are you sad? He asked curiously.

I just got 87% in boards, she said almost in tears.

(Before he could react, he bursted into laughter from inside but didn’t show anything to her)

How much you got? She asked.

With full pride in his eyes he said, 53%. (There was huge difference in what he got compared to her, but he was happy that he didn’t flunk).

At that time, he didn’t understand her tears, but she did understand his happiness.

She belonged to a poor family with upper caste. His dad was in govt. job with good family background but belonged to lower caste.

Her dreams were shattered, that she won’t be able to make it to the good college. He was happy, now he will get something good even though he wasn’t a deserving candidate.

Present Situation

  • They are not married, even though she was poor and boy’s family was well settled but her dad had a pride of being upper caste, he never agreed for a marriage. A full stop to their love story (A caste system in India).


  • She is a housewife, whereas her husband is some insurance agent of her own caste. She is not happy from her marriage, but she can’t come out of it because of orthodox traditions (A taboo of divorce in India).


  • Her dreams were shattered, even though she was a bright student. No one helped her, people brag about equality only through Facebook posts,& Youtube videos. But when it happens in front of them, they become mute (A fad of becoming feminist in India without knowing its value in daily life).


  • About him, even though he never attended any class in college, he was sure one night study will give him govt. job. And he has it now (A reservation system in India).


  • Politicians; caste system is just vote bank for them. Poor will become more poor and rich will become more rich. But it is not their fault, we choose our leaders on the basis of caste and area instead of talent or worthiness. (If Jungle Raj is back, we are responsible for it, not these politicians).


Don’t Snatch Opportunities from Hardworking Guys by showing your ‘Caste Certifiactes’ 


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