What Money Can’t Buy..??


Money has power to buy power. It can buy almost everything. But everything has limitations.

What money can’t buy:-

  • Moral values

Honesty, modesty, hope, trust etc can’t be purchased. It can only be earned. Like respect, you can force someone to give respect, but what is the point of that respect when same person thrashes you behind your back?

A pretty/handsome face becomes uglier when the mask is removed.

  • Love

A person can buy sex, but not love. I read somewhere, “If you have never laughed during sex, you are doing it with the wrong person.

A trust between relationship can only be built in the course of time, it can’t be purchased from tons of money.

Never prioritise money over love.

  • Life

Money can provide high quality medical attention. World class doctors for life threatening disease. It can buy you a little more time but not a life.

A life where you laugh, you play, you enjoy and you live. Stop wasting your life, once it is gone you will never get it back again.

  • Family

You can buy luxurious bungalow with every facilities, but you can’t buy a family to complete your home.

Never leave your family for money.

  • Happiness

This might be contradictory, that you can buy happiness but the question is till what extent?

A materialistic happiness can be bought but inner peace, no you can’t.


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