A Matter of Perception…!!!!


By finding a solution to your problems instead of complaining about it!

God knows how much I whine whenever things are not going in my favour, but it doesn’t help. Not really!

I often find myself asking these questions, maybe you do too..

Why did it happen to me?

Why is his life so much better than mine?

What wrong did I do?

When will my time come?

And I come up with the respective answers..

I didn’t deserve it.

I don’t know what else to do.

I feel so clueless.

I guess, that is it. I give up!

Such are those questions, that these negative responses come by default. You can’t really help it. But what you can do is to change the questions you ask.

Can something be done about it?

Can I get through it?

Will doing that help?

Will I be able to turn around things for myself?

Now try and think of the responses to these questions. Not negative anymore, I hope. Your mind must be rushing for ideas now, ideas that can get you past those hurdles.

See, how the thinking changes by merely asking different questions for the same situation. Your entire perception changes and your mind, instead of worrying about the problem, is now trying to focus on the solution.

It eventually helps in making your life better. All a matter of perception.

Easier said than done, but no harm in trying.



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