Why Me.???


Bad is always followed by good. After a dark night, there is always a bright morning.

I am not an optimist, and I am not going to give you some motivating lines. Because I don’t see any point here. A false hope is dangerous than a harsh truth.

When you go for a relationship, have you ever asked, “Why me ?” I believe no, no one has asked before. You might be busy celebrating your happiness. After some point of time your happiness becomes your habit. And chances of committing mistakes become high.

You ignore those mistakes for various reasons, may be either you take that relationship for granted or that person. And after some point of time the relationship dies. Then you ask a question, “Why me ?

You are completely aware of the answer, “Why you ?” Why did it happen? Why he/she left you. You are aware of every action you have taken but you never realized until it backfired.

Ask any jobless engineer, they know why are they jobless? They know that during their college they gave priority to games, relationships and those activities which could never land them in a job. But at the end of the college, when they have no hope left, when unemployment starts haunting them. Then they ask, “Why me ?

The only answer of “Why me ?” is,

You have ruined your life with your own hands, so again it is in your hands to make things right. Stop asking stupid questions and regret for what you have done in the past like a loser. And whatever time you have, make it count.

So better why don’t you ask, “Now, What next ?

Life is unfair, but not every time. Learn to accept the reality and fight back.


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