Follow your Passion…!!


Before you go ahead, let me tell you that this is going to be immensely debatable. Whatever I write are my own personal views and not a generalization.

Wherever I go, I hear people cribbing about their 9–5 jobs and getting envious of people who seem to be following their passion. Those jobs have been made to look like something ugly and unfair, which is not an entirely clear picture.

I too, admire and get envious of people who took a risk to follow their passion and are doing exceedingly well in their lives. There are so many success stories, so many failure converted into success stories and how much taking a risk is important in life. And it is important to take a risk. But nobody clearly knows or answers the following question for you.

How much risk should you take?

At what time in your life do you consider yourself capable enough to take a risk?

How long would you be able to fight the failures?

And would the risk be worth it in the end, considering everything goes as per your plan?

We talk about following-the-herd mentality and wish to be different. We wish to resign from our jobs, take a leap of faith and and do something of our own because, well working under someone is unproductive. But if everyone is trying to be different, ain’t you all going to the same path? Ain’t you again following someone else’s footsteps?

Before you even think about following your passion, do you even know what your passion is? And I’m not talking about a momentary feeling you got. Your passion has to be something which can drive you for long. Which can help you stay motivated even in the face of troubles, unrelenting troubles.

Getting out of your comfort zone is extremely important to advance in your life. But working in a office doesn’t necessarily have to make your life comfortable. There is so much you can learn and do after your work hours. And many already do that.

I’ll stress on the point that I have nothing against those who pursue their goals in life, or passion if you prefer. But those who succeed are the one who have a clear plan and direction and are unstoppable. Yet, people fail. And they fail more often than you can imagine. Ofcourse, you will never get to know about those because we only care about the success stories. Because that is what drives you, inspires you and fuels you to take bold steps.

But are you prepared for the consequences?

Forget about being ready, do you even have an idea about the hurdles you’re gonna face and what the consequences will be?

You will always be worried about job security, any back-up plans, future plans. You will face fear, anxiety and instability. People will call you brave and courageous, but only you will know what it takes to stay firm with your decision.

It takes me 1 second to say “ Follow your passion” and a second more to write it. But it takes someone an entire life to even recognize it. Things are not as they seem to be.


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