169.28 Rupees!


169.28 Rupees!

Let me tell you what happened. My dad was not active on WhatsApp, but he joined WhatsApp after lots of force from my side. I explained him that like others, he doesn’t need any data plan or any money to spend because we have Wi-Fi at home.

He was enjoying funny videos, good messages and other perks of WhatsApp. At one moment, he failed to download a video. He called me and I went home to help him.

When I noticed in his mobile, Dad was using 3G data, not Wi-Fi.

I asked him, “Why did you enable 3G instead of Wi-Fi?”

He said, “I don’t know that. Is any amount got deducted?”

I disabled 3G data and saw 169.28 rupees got deducted. I quickly made the pop-up disappear from the screen.

When I looked at him, he was waiting for an answer. For a moment, I thought revenge time dad, you scolded me for making calls from your NOKIA 1100 in child time.

But I smiled looking at him and said, “Thank God there’s no deduction”.

He felt good to know that. When I inquired about why Wi-Fi was not working, my mom came out from the kitchen and said, “I switched off your Router. Your dad was using internet, like a kid.”

“Wow! The great mom.”, that’s all what I could say to my mom.

In reply she told me, “Shivam, teach WhatsApp to me as well! I also wanna connect with everyone.”

I smiled and self-talked that be ready for next 169.28 Rupees

Actually, this type of amounts are part of my best spends!


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