Happiness is a choice ???


When you are thirsty and you are given a choice to choose only one, what will you prefer?

  1. Tasty Sweets or
  2. Water

Happiness is not a choice, it is a chain effect of random activities which you can’t control.

  • I know someone who is in coma from last 3 months,his family can choose happiness but how could they be happy when their loved one is in Coma and fighting every moment for his life?
  • People get hurt, I get hurt even though I have an option to choose not to get hurt. But, again like I said it is not in our hands to control situations and surroundings.
  • If it is the case to choose happiness, then after breakup no one would have suffered pain. Losing someone whom you care for a lot do create a void in our life which only time can refill.
  • Passing a judgement without knowing somebody’s situation and position is the most easiest thing we can do. But when we put our feet in their shoes then only we can think about their suffering.

When it comes to me, all I can say about happiness/sadness is

I am not an egoist, I am just hurt. And I also know that it can only be filled with time not from an option of happiness.


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