Satisfactions = That’s enough.
Ambition = That’s not enough


Being ambitious while satisfied is like you want to run while standing at the same position.

So, basically being satisfied, just satisfied makes you stagnant while being ambitious, just ambitious makes you unstable.

As you can see in the image, there lies a “Sweet spot” in between where you are satisfied as well as ambitious. I term it as “contentment”.

This contentment part is very very important, it will give you the courage to touch the sky with feet on the ground, you will always be connected to your roots.

For example, if you are a student with high ambitions, that is becoming a CEO of a multinational company or writing your own story, making your own startup which is your ambition, you must not forget what you have achieved in the past like organising a college event, publishing a small magazine or college newsletter which once gave you satisfaction because being ambitious is like finding water in a desert of illusions under sand dunes and satisfaction is like having that memory of “I found water once, though a bit”. This satisfaction will always drive a sense of confidence in you to achieve bigger aims, cross larger hurdles.

Now, talking about a thin line, where should this be drawn?

In this pursuit of meeting your goals and being ambitious we often turn “greedy” and get out of that contentment zone, now we are left in a land of the never-ending and chaotic zeal of attaining goals. You no longer cherish your previous achievements.

So, as in image, starting from right,

Black part in right half of the image = Not satisfied, Not ambitious, Not to the potential. You can do better.

Dark Blue part of circle = Satisfied and stagnant. Work harder to get contented and stable.

Light blue part = Contented ~ Ambitious and satisfied, stable and not stagnant. Stay here and win in life.

Orange part circle = Ambitious and unstable. You still have a chance, fall back a little, cherish your achievements for stability and contentment,

Black part in left half of the image = Turns greedy, highly ambitious but not satisfied, Maybe you will achieve too much to handle but life will always be a Tom and Jerry game.



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