A Life Lesson…!!

You and Life are best friends.

Life: A girl really loves you so much. I have this surprise for you. Accept her.

You: Oh! Really. Let me see her and know her.

After you see her:

You: Oh! Well. I do not like her.

Life: What are you saying? She will be your perfect partner. Accept her.

You: Yes, O K but she is not beautiful. I want someone beautiful. Sorry life, I can’t accept your gift. I need to go now. See you later.

Life is crying in tears because her beautiful present was just neglected.

Another scene:

You: Hey life, I need your favor.

Life: What?

You: I love this girl. She is so beautiful. Make her mine. Please.

Life: Why should I?

You: You are my best friend. You need to help me. Come on.

Life: She is not best for you.

You: Who are you to decide?

Life: I am everything to decide. I am not your slave. I need to go now. See you later.

Friendship broken forever.

What is going to make you happy?

“Whatever life is giving you, accept it and appreciate it. Do not take it for granted or neglect it. Life is not your slave. Life will give what she wants to give. You accept it or not your choice but do not be mistaken that she would act according to your will. Never. Once life comes in its original form to take things away, she does not even leave your breath.”

This life lesson will make you happy.

This story above will make you happy.


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