Luck vs Intelligence..!!

Abstract Person with Cogwheels Thinking Fast and Slow - With Cop

Before I will choose between luck and intelligence, I would like to give few scenario:

Two guys are preparing for JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) and attend an exam.

One guy is intelligent and another one believes in a luck.

Let’s say both of them cleared the exam, who do you think will survive there?

Another example, first one who made his million dollar fortune on the basis of his merit and intelligence.

Second one is lucky and wins a million dollar lottery. First one has a capability to make a million into billion.

But you can’t expect the same from a lucky guy. Your luck can give you easy money, but you can’t keep it without an intelligence.A luck can be good or bad. In question, it is not written whether you will always get a good luck, it can be bad. But good intelligence will give you reputation and bad intelligence will make you dangerous. Either way only you are benefited.

So, my answer is clear. I will always go for “Intelligence”. Even for survival I know how to survive any odds, but a fool lucky guy who survives against all odds, will have no idea what to do after he survives.

Its better to become poor intelligent guy, instead of rich lucky fool.


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