The Ugly Truth..!!


Karma isn’t real.

It’s just a fantasy built by a species of self-aware bipedal apes trying to make sense of the hostile and chaotic universe they live in – a universe where everyday, thousands of young children die a gruesome death from horrible diseases like cancer, hundreds of innocent people are murdered, countless girls are mercilessly raped. Wars, famines, bomb-blasts, plane crashes and natural calamities wreck havoc and reap millions of lives.

And all of this happens for no apparent reason!

Worse than the dead, are the living. Ruthless criminals – having committed terrible acts of unspeakable evil, still rise to the top rungs of power in the society; while good and morally upright people suffer every waking moment. Rich get richer, and poor, poorer. Murderers and rapists live a lavish life while innocent souls, after a few decades mundane existence that is full of struggle and hardship, vanish into oblivion without leaving a trace of their miserable existence.

How do you make sense of all this without going mad?

You tell yourself a lie.

That the universe cares.

That it cares for you.

That good people will eventually be rewarded – if not in this life, then in the next. That evil people will someday be punished – if not on earth, then in hell. That good deeds will always come with brownie-points, and bad deeds, with repercussions.

You wrap that lie in a neat little package and call it karma. And then you repeat that lie to yourself over and over, until one day, you actually start believing it. You trend it with cool catchphrases like – “Karma is a bitch.” Whenever something happens to confirm your preconception, you rejoice and revel in the power of karma. And whenever something doesn’t confirm to it, you just ignore that, or shift the burden to an imaginary hell, or afterlife.

Karma just might be the most beautiful lie ever invented by mankind.


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