Create your Own Class..!!!



Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius.. but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, you will end up your whole life believing that it’s stupid”.

Let’s get into some facts,

You see that smartphone in your hand, it was a big box some 30 years ago.

You see this laptop, even a hard-disk was as huge as an elephant some years ago.

You see this smart television, it was a black and white with a single channel some years ago. All of these changed over years.

Now, do you see the classroom, it was the same some 50 years ago with 150 students and some same blackboard. Now, do you see the beliefs and mentality, it hasn’t changed much into years, academic performance was then prioritised and it is still prioritised.

Well! The biggest drawback that an Indian child can have is being good in studies, worst is being good in biology or mathematics. These brains are left with no choices but to become an Engineer or a Doctor. Talking about Engineers, more than 5 suicide’s every day in Bangalore itself, forget about the country, it is worse. All because they are stressed. Recently, a girl suicided after clearing JEE because she did not want to be an engineer. America says we import commodities from Russia and China, Oil from the gulf and human from India. Nowadays, students work hard for GRE, predominantly to leave India because of its education system.

I agree we produce great engineers, the world’s top companies are led by our own Indians but then at the same time I realise that we have won 28 (9 Gold 7 Silver 12 Bronze) medals in all the Olympics starting with the first one whereas the USA won 46 gold in 2016 itself. We are a great nation, our more than 50% population is below 25 years of age compared to China(37) and Japan(48). In the coming time, our nation can excel in all the fields. We got the population, we got the courageous people.

We wouldn’t have produced Sachin Tendulkar if he was forced to time his books. No Lata Mangeshkar, no Abhinav Bindra and I can name a handful more.

We have a lot of creativity in ourselves, but our education system and parents beliefs are needed to be changed because we too are all turning into that stupid fish trying to climb up the tree and rather going deep down to eventually kill ourselves.

I hope we create our own class!


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