Unrequited love..!!


The irony of life is when people spend a major part of their lives ruining themselves for they have lost what they thought to be a “true love”. I mean it’s insane to get so crazy behind a single soul.

No no! That’s not we call a true love, we call it an “unrequited love”. True love doesn’t ruin you, true love makes you a gem out of stone.

True love is what that little lady we call “maa” does for us for her whole life, you see there’s no expectation in that love. True love is when your father says, “all this that I’ve done is for my children, I’m fine with this black and white phone.”

True love is precious. True love is a lucky feeling. True love is all about giving.

There are 7 billion people in the world, umpteen choices, stop ruining even a second for your “unrequited love.”

प्यार ज़िद से नही शिद्दत से होता है।


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