Relationship fails??


Reason could be millions but there is always one core reason, because one of your partner wants to move on.

S/he doesn’t want to live with you anymore, either forcibly or willingly they want to leave you.

Now, you have reason for your breakup. What can be done after break up?

  • Accept Reality

Accept that your partner has gone. Question is did you try enough to work this relationship on the ground, when you were together? Maybe not.

Now they are gone from your life, accept this fact gracefully.

  • Pleading/Begging

You have already lost your partner but don’t lose your self respect and dignity.

Begging will only earn you coins but it will never make you millionaire.

Try once, try twice or may be thrice to get them back. But don’t carry away with this.

Even after begging or pleading they will come back to you, but remember everyone wants a trophy not a loser for a lifetime.

  • Cry

Crying is seen as a taboo for men. But men do cry. Even I cried for my beloved.

But again, lock yourself in a room and cry as hard as you can. But when you come out of the room, make promise to yourself you don’t have to cry again for her/him.

It doesn’t make you weak, but a strong person.

  • Forget and Forgive

First forgive them for their decision. And then do everything to forget them.

Trust me, love can happen twice or thrice or multiple times. But only when you let your partner go in the first place from your life.

This is complete bullshit that you can’t love someone with same passion. All you need is right partner in the right time.

  • Move on

This is the last and most important part. Live your life gracefully.

Move on like it never happened in your life. Scars will be there but pain will be gone with time.

You have beautiful memories, live with it.

Don’t ruin your present infact convert your present into memories from them you can live peacefully in the future.


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