Who is she?


She has taken care of her families for years. Firstly, the family she was born into and then the family she became a part of, without too many complaints and demands.

If any one of them is in the slightest pain, she makes sure they visit the Doctor immediately while she ignores her own sufferings and lives through that pain.

She makes sure none of them go to sleep with an empty stomach. Even if they come home late, there will be something to eat. Infact, she can’t sleep unless they’re home or anywhere safe.

She sets them up everyday before work. From their clothes to breakfast, she takes care of everything, everyday. And also listens to their complains if anything goes missing.

She sits before god in the morning to ask for their better future.

She never forgets to ask them how their day went and whether they had their meals without expecting to be asked about the same in return .

She runs through a small house all day without getting enough time to sit or take a nap. She left her job to serve her family better as well as focus on her own work interests.

She doesn’t mind raising her voice to a stranger (even a cop) who troubles her family. She is fearless and bold.

She hasn’t visited her own parents for years because she now has her own family to handle. But she still talks to them and asks about their well-being.

She has loved her husband and children selflessly.

Who is she?

A daughter. A wife. A mother. A working individual.

All these roles thrust into one super-human.

Her ability to impart endless love, put others before her, reflect such independence, show a huge threshold for pain and yet keep functioning better than others makes an Indian girl (now woman) extremely attractive and beautiful.

P.s: This is just my way of showing respect towards an Indian women who does all this.

The Monotonous Panda,


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