Can a movie/book change your life forever?


To be honest, none.

No “legendary movie ever made” or “epic book of the century” can change your life forever (unless it’s a magic potion book). The only thing these movies and books can provide you, is perspective. And perspectives are really valuable.

Every time you watch a beautifully made movie or spend time with a magnificently written book, you get a peek into a new world. Every world you peek

Every world you peek into, provides you with lessons and bottles of wisdom and changing your life forever, completely depends upon whether you want to implement it or not.

If you’re someone who has watched almost all the motivational movies ever made in the history of mankind and read every self help book available on this planet, and you still tend to ask the question “How can I change my life forever?”, then you’re a moron. As simple as that. Big headed procrastinating moron of the era. No excuses.

That being said, movies and books are great as long as you take something home with you. For example, movies like 3 idiots, Tamasha, Forrest Gump, Fight club and Bucket list, to name a few, have moved me at different phases of my life. Some made sense when I was

Some made sense when I was kid, some taught me what it means to be ruthless and ambitious, some shed light on the beauty of life and most of them made me smile and gave me a tinge of satisfaction that my life is, was and will always be great.

That doesn’t mean that my life changed forever. I’m still another normal lazy ass who’s stuck in the matrix of procrastination, insecurities and “what to do with my life” dilemma. The only thing that has changed, is the way I look at life and situations. That’s where books and movies come into play. It doesn’t change your life, it shapes you as a person.

Apart from that, nah, nothing’s gonna change your life forever. Wait, you could always ask Himalayan Baba for the magic elixir. That might actually help.

Wake up, move your ass, come out of your comfort zone, read a lot, experience everything, make beautiful memories , laugh like a madman, respect time, learn new skills, and become a pro in it. That’ll change your life forever. Nothing else will. Trust me.


The Monotonous Panda 


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