Escape from Reality..!!


There are times you’ve got no idea where your life is heading towards. You’ve got no idea what got you thinking like that. You’ve got a comfortable job, you’ve done really well in your career, you’ve got a great relationship, you’ve got plans for your future, your parents are proud of you, you’ve got great friends to share your life with, and you’re rich enough to afford basic luxury. That’s perfect.

That being said, you know there’s something missing. Something that you don’t know, but it’s bothering you big time. Something that’s itching the back of your brain, but you can quite reach it. Somewhere down the lane you start realising that this isn’t how you wanted your life to be when you were a child.

It looks perfect, but this isn’t what you grew up for. There’s something more to life and you don’t know what that is.

Then one day, you start realising that this life you’ve created for yourself is all just an illusion, sprinkled with emotions.

You wanna see yourself as the person you dreamt you would become, when you were a child. You wanna shed that mask that you’ve been made to wear and walk freely without being stuck in the web of deep societal norms. You wanna look through the matrix, but you don’t know how to.

You wanna open those wings that you’ve kept hidden all these years under the so called perfect life you’ve created for yourself.

You wanna be free.

You wanna escape from reality and walk into a land where you don’t have to be someone you were made to become. You could just be you.

That ever dreaming kid you once were.

In case we’re meeting for the first time,

Hi! I’m Shivam Patel, ‘the monotonous panda’.

Thanks for reading my article.


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  1. From where u get such wonderful words or such a motivational thoughts…it just amazing …your each n every article brings new ways to look upon life ….just keep writing n keep motivating🙋🙋😘…be happy keep smiling😊


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