You deserve….


“You deserve better” most commonly used line when someone is friendzoned against their will. Okay okay, it is a serious topic, let’s analyze it on serious note.

It is human tendency we always chase those things which are temporary and neglect those which will stay there permanently. I have two eyes, one nose, two ears and a sarcastic tongue. These things don’t make me lesser than anyone else in the planet. Money or no money, beauty or no beauty. These things are temporary, and we chase it blindly.

Note: Don’t take my words seriously about “money”, if you will have zero bank balance you will die single in India. If you don’t believe me then make two profiles at matrimony website. One with DSLR picture with zero bank balance and another one with voter Id pic with 10 lakh per annum income. You will realize about the authenticity of my above statement.

Because if he/she thinks, You deserve better than him/her, then certainly you deserve better. There is no point to live with broken heart.

And again I see no point to waste your life for a person who can’t understand your feelings. Life is full of opportunities, just explore and you will meet amazing people outside. (Note: This is not for me, I am happy living inside my room and writing some shit). Just one person broke your heart doesn’t mean everyone are same.

Your family, your knowledge, your achievement will stay with you forever. Give importance to it, if someone truly cares for you and for your feeling then give importance to them.

Don’t chase blindly those mirage in the desert because trust me, “You Always deserve better, deserve to be happy. No one can make you sad.”

That’s the key of my happiness. That’s how I build my resilience in the face of adversity.


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