Accidents, Mistakes and Chance:- The Greatest gifts to Humans?


Yes, accidents, mistakes, chance all are greatest gifts to mankind. Still, there are other terms which are way greater than the three mentioned. They are sadness, failure, and hatred.

I think if we focus enough on these six terms, we will get to know that they are the best reasons for our happiness, satisfaction, success, meditation, and care. The more we try to understand them, the more we will get enlightened. How people see them is really wrong! I think even if I have slight peace in my life, they are only due to understanding of these six terms.

Accidents can help us to meet people who can affect our lives either positively or negatively. If affected positively, they can make us better. If affected negatively, they can make us not trust every person and be cautious. In both ways, we are getting something positive.

Mistakes are really important. They improve us and make us something better.

A chance can take us to great heights if came at the right time.

Sadness is a blessing. It is a pearl. Only sadness can help us appreciate happiness.

Failure helps us to know the value of success.

Hatred makes us to not expect anything from people and also improves our focus.

As a whole, these six terms are complete blessing to mankind.

In Case We’re Meeting for the first Time,

HI! I’m Shivam Patel, ‘The Monotonous Panda’.

Thanks for Reading my article


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