God Exist? Yes, Where is He..??


If I say yes then the question will be, Where is he?

God is the flow in the rivers.

God is there sprouting in humans in the form of kindness and love.

God is there in the humming of the bees.

God is there loving you.

We cannot find him this is the truth. We can realize him.

God resides inside us. God is not a person.

God is faceless. We humans give him a form.

We call him Krishna in Hinduism.

We call him Jesus in Christianity.

We call him Allah in Islam.

We cannot find him in the temple. We cannot find him in the holy script.

We can find him inside us.

When Mohandas Gandhi realized this he became Mahatma.

When Narendranath realized this he became Swami Vivekananda.

When Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu realized this she became Mother Teresa.

When Gautama realized this he became Buddha.

When Karol Józef Wojtyła realized this he became Pope John Paul II.

When we look within, we understand him. We understand everything.

Let us take an example, Raja enters a room which is fully illuminated by a tube light. But, Raja being an atheist blindfolds himself and loudly proclaims there is no light. Will the light vanish? No!

It will be eternally present. That light is God and the cloth used to blindfold our eyes is science.

I can prove that atheist is the biggest believer in God. Atheist believe in work and work is worship. When we worship, we acknowledge the omnipresent God. As God says, “Karma is Dharma”.

Why is he not helping humans?

Easy, We humans are all hypocrites. We are little egoistic, brainless species. We build walls, doors, machines in the name of development. We call those things technology. Technology has enslaved us, we stick to the screen for hours. Destroying our health, memory and vitality. Science created atom bombs, nuclear bombs and you see the destruction caused by them!

We are doing everything wrong. We are going against the nature. We first dump sewage from household into the water bodies then we set up factories to clean the water bodies. Later we pay the price for the purified water. What is the use of dumping sewage into the water?


But God is really kind. He still loves us. He has given us a body which can heal itself.

When there is a cut, blood coagulates.

When darkness persists, he comes to us in various forms like Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ, Allah.

When night comes, he ensures that the sun is rising the next day.

Can I prove the existence of God?

No I cannot prove something which is beyond the game of hypothesis and proof !

But yes. Everything that is written in Hindu holy book is real.

Denying God is equivalent to denying consciousness.

Mahabharata did happen. Srimad Bhagwat Gita is real.

Hence, God is existing.

In Case We’re Meeting for the first Time,

HI! I’m Shivam Patel, ‘The Monotonous Panda’.

Thanks for Reading my article


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