Hope,Pray, Have faith:- Three important things in human lives

Aristotle Quote: “Hope is a waking dream.”

Hope. Pray. Have faith. Believe in yourself. Believe in God.

These aren’t mere words. These are emotions. Go through them. Feel them deeply.


Hope for a better future. Hope for the tough times to end and results to appear. Always have hope. Sometimes, when you lose everything in life, hope is all that keeps you going. Hope that after a bad day, a new sun will rise the next morning. Hope that everyday is a new beginning. And always, always hold onto it.


Pray to the Almighty. Remind him to be there for you. Tell him that you’re doing all that you can, and be honest. Ask him to look after you too. Ask him to take care of the bigger picture while you’re taking small steps every single day. Thank Him for all that he has done for you. Pray, with all your heart and soul.

Have faith.

When you pray, have faith. Leave it on God. Just keep going and keep believing in yourself. We have all heard this saying that God helps those who help themselves. Stick by it. Help yourself.

When you’re going through tough times, what works best is think less and do more. The more you think, the more you worry, regret and have guilts.

Instead, just keep going. Whatever is happening, let it happen. You take care of yourself and keep going. Everything gets better. It eventually will.

Take one day at a time.


In Case We’re Meeting for the first Time,

HI! I’m Shivam Patel, ‘The Monotonous Panda’.

Thanks for Reading my article


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