People always leave.!!


Instead of fighting out the situation and saving the friendship or relationship, they decide to say goodbye.

This is the worst feeling I have come across, lately.

And it has taught me a lifetime of lessons.

You never really know when somebody would leave you. They might fight with you the next second and leave you or block you everywhere.
And their last text to you says goodbye.

How convenient, seriously.

It made me realise that when you have people close to you, how important it is to let them know that they are close. How important it is to tell them they matter to you.
In a split of a second, they might decide to give up on you.

And no matter what you do, sometimes you can’t help the situation. Because you realise that its better to leave them at that point in life and let them be happy, how they want.

I wonder how easy it gets, sometimes, for people to leave you. And then it makes you doubt your existence as well as your importance altogether.
Worst feeling I have experienced lately.


The Monotonous Panda.


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