The darkest side of falling in love..!!



Question is :- What is the darkest side of falling in Love?

Answer:- Losing a friend forever.

Once a relationship ends, the friendship is never the same again. No matter how hard you try to save it, if the love was true, it is just not possible to be friends with someone you’ve been in love with.

A friendship is the foundation of a relationship between two people.

You can’t be in love if you aren’t best friends first. Friendship binds the two people together. No love ever survives without a real, solid friendship.

Friendship breeds loyalty, trust and understanding. The more time you spend with that person, the better friends you become. The first person you call or text when something happens, the one who listens to your innermost thoughts, and the shoulder you cry on. The person you love is your friend first. And so, once the love dies, it’s the death of friendship too.

That’s the thing about relationships. They never really bring just love. It is a combination of everything. You’re a companion, an adviser, a motivator, a mentor and a friend. You start depending on each other. Suddenly, your everyday life isn’t the same. You get used to the other person. That is when the attachment and the emotional dependency kicks in.

When two people really, truly connect as people, it’s love. And it’s also friendship. But when love ceases to exist, that friendship is lost for no apparent reason.

You can’t continue the friendship when love isn’t in the picture.

You can’t pick up the phone and talk to your ex for hours everyday about anything and everything under the sun. You can’t discuss relationship struggles with your ex. You can’t share secrets. You can’t take advises.

It is what it is. Unjust and unfair.

The darkest side of falling in love – Risking the friendship.



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