A Chocolate Box..

The deep water was staring at me. I was sitting with legs half wet in the water. Heart was heavy and a bunch of thoughts was busy creating chaos in my mind. “ Soon, it will come to an end. I fear, everything will be changed. It will be no more just me all around. The exchanges are on their way. I will be thrown in a dustbin of memories soon. The better is coming after all. And I am lost somewhere in the jungle of a past now. It’s me and me, all alone. Why couldn’t I make it forever?”

The dream was broken and I was again in the present with some doubts. I looked for a chocolate box and I got the answer.

Your place in someone’s heart is like a box of chocolates, the different shaped chocolates.

The box contains a unique place for each chocolate. Each and every chocolate is made for different tastes, different feelings. Some are little bit dark, some are sweet. Some are big, some are small. some are of good quality, some are of little less than others. Among these, few chocolates are eaten in a happy moment, some in a heavy case. No two chocolates are of same shape and size. And the man/woman starts to eat them one by one. ‘Days counting’ continues. And so now, some places are empty.

Only few chocolates are left.

So, is it possible to refill those empty places?

Can two chocolates swap their respective places?

Can a new chocolate enter into one’s place?

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.!! The box cannot be refilled with new and different shaped chocolates. Places can’t be swapped. A new chocolate cannot enter into an old place. Either a stop is required or a new box.

The same case is for us. Everyone has their own qualities, own values. They have their own purposes in someone’s life. Few of them are good, few are worse, few are caring, some of them are fake, some are forever, some are just for a blink. No two persons can be same. No two men/women can share the same place in someone’s heart.

Everyone is given a special place in someone’s heart. The places are in heart and we are the chocolates to fill them with our flavours. Every single person comes with his own charm. The place is predefined and remains occupied forever. The new persons will make their new places. They cannot enter into someone else’s area or shoes. The uniqueness you see! The heart is unable to throw out the old ones to let intrude the new ones. Whether it’s bad or good, it cannot throw away.

Then why do we have the fear, that someone else will come and will take our places! Your place is just made for you, that’s it. It’s a restriction area for others. So, why do we scratch and then fall for this jealousy game!?

Instead, be happy at your place and enjoy the saliency.

Now, imagine… Out of the entire box, one chocolate is the favourite one. So, man/woman will take extra care of the chocolate. He/She won’t throw it out, nor he/she won’t let it melt down. Summer is just temporary but he/she will manage to keep it in its original way, as it’s special chocolate. Then the time passes. He/She has not eaten the chocolate yet, he/she just loves to open the box everyday to see that chocolate. It’s one and only in the box now. But, new boxes are arriving day by day, new flavours are tasted. So, that old favourite chocolate starts to think, it has become ignorant. The man/woman has now more boxes to handle, more places to look after. So, it’s obvious he/she won’t be able to check the old one every single time. But, still the place is not replaced. The chocolate still tastes the same, it still has its unique place.

New flavours can’t replace old one.

Now, let us compare. If we are most valuable in someone’s life, the person will take utmost care. He/She will not let us to melt or get ruined in the summer of misunderstandings. But, the time is witty. It keeps running and the new comrades are being added in the journey. So, more time to tackle the new relations and more time to avoid clashes. So, may be the most valuable person is sometimes given less attention. It doesn’t push him/her to a down position. It’s just new people are making their way too. But, his/her place is safe. No one will have chance to snatch it. So, be relax. Loose yourself, enjoy your own state.

Let go off the insecurities, they are meant to be melt you down.

The box is not all about just one chocolate! It has to give space for others too. We are not the only one in someone’s life. There are other people too, who make his/her life worthy. You have to accept it and allow someone else too, to create their own castle.

But, still you are unique, your values and position are unique and most importantly your purpose in his/her life is unique.

Be your own kind. No one can beat you in your ground.


In Case We’re Meeting for the first Time,

HI! I’m Shivam Patel, ‘The Monotonous Panda’.

Thanks for Reading my article



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