Life@ A Great Novel.!!



Everyone has a story, and this story is usually called as “Life”.

Life is a blank novel provided with a pen to everyone of us and where we are writing continuously, non stop but eventually one day comes when we stop writing!!

Some people write a thick one or some write their novel with less pages, some ends well or some don’t end up well, some gets a costly pen or some gets a average or rough pen but very common thing is in everyone of us is “Blank pages and a pen”.

Remember you can write whatever you want to write in these blank pages but keep this in mind that there is “no eraser” provided to you, you can’t even erase anything and also you will never be provided one. And One day is going to come when you will find that you are only left with a last page to write and in matter of seconds your novel will get over, but it should not matter you at all coz you wrote a novel maybe thin but you wrote one.

So write every word carefully in your “blank pages” and don’t regret any wrong word or page, just draw a smiley (^_^) over there and move on.

And Always remind yourself that it doesn’t matter how thick diary you write but what matters is what is written in those pages. 🙂.

Ergo wanna say that “Don’t keep writing but also try to make yourself happy with what you are writing coz “All’s well only ends well”. 🙂

May be your novel will not be the bestseller but try to Make your novel the best one that you can write.

Wish you A Great Novel!!!


In Case We’re Meeting for the first Time,

HI! I’m Shivam Patel, ‘The Monotonous Panda’.

Thanks for Reading my article


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