The Dark Room..!


That dark room filled with failuresheart breakpainfearloneliness,struggledespairrejectionagonyjealousy and tears.

Everybody is scared of that dark room. No one wants to be in that dark room. But, you know that’s going to happen, later or sooner. Bitter truth!

But, most beautiful part lies in the fact that once you have been through that dark room…

Failures will motivate you.

Pain will change you.

Scar of heart break will look beautiful.

Fear will become just a story.

Loneliness will be your best friend.

Through struggle, success will born.

There will be courage but no despair.

There will be a next for each rejection.

Peace will outgrow agony.

Jealousy is nothing but lack of self confidence.

Tears are good to wash everything away mentioned above for a fresh start.

“Life is beautiful.!”  “La vita è bella.!”



The Monotonous Panda:-I’m a lost stardust of a parallel universe.!


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