‘Char Log Kya Kahenge’??

One day, 'A' meets 'B' (where 'A' is a student (Me) and 'B' is one of those 'Char Log Kya Kahenge'). Both start to have conversation. Note: 'A' has failed many times and 'B' knows about that. A: My greetings! Sir. B: Be happy. So, what's going on? A: Sir! I am pursuing higher studies.... Continue Reading →

Social Media > Career ??

Imagine this life! Every morning you wake up in middle of a jungle between so many trees. You can’t even feel the sun rays.Each tree persuades you to come towards it. Ohh my god! The facebook feed tree! I need to attend it. Ohh my god! The Whatsapp messages tree! I need to attend it. Ohh my god! The Instagram... Continue Reading →

GST: One Nation, One Tax.

  It seems lot of people have confusion how GST works on principle. I will try to explain as lucidly as I can in this thread! Before going to GST let's understand what was the existing tax system. So 2 types of taxes were there: A. Direct tax. B. Indirect tax. Direct taxes are imposed... Continue Reading →

Humor: Do I have Presence of Mind?

Let me ask you a question. How many months have 28 days? February, that’s correct? No, all tweleve months have 28days. Another question, What is half of 2+2? Two, BIG NO! apply BODMAS, answer is three. One more? Name three characters that changes a girl into a woman? Any guess, its AGE. Ah, now don’t... Continue Reading →

Marriages, Dowry & Respect.!!

Yesterday, I was discussing something important with a friend. About marriages, dowry and respect. In the conversation, she told me that this is something that needs to be said. This is what I feel needs to be said. A marriage is about merging of two souls, and not two family egos. Whether it’s an arranged... Continue Reading →

How could they be our hero?

Movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion crossed 1000 crore rupee(154.8 million Dollar) mark. First in the history of Indian Cinema. And star Prabhash became superstar. Being an Indian I am happy too, a moment to cheer about. I saw somewhere on the Facebook, “My Dad is my Baahubali”. A proud daughter made above post. Indian Premier... Continue Reading →

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