Marriages, Dowry & Respect.!!

Yesterday, I was discussing something important with a friend. About marriages, dowry and respect. In the conversation, she told me that this is something that needs to be said. This is what I feel needs to be said. A marriage is about merging of two souls, and not two family egos. Whether it’s an arranged... Continue Reading →

How could they be our hero?

Movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion crossed 1000 crore rupee(154.8 million Dollar) mark. First in the history of Indian Cinema. And star Prabhash became superstar. Being an Indian I am happy too, a moment to cheer about. I saw somewhere on the Facebook, “My Dad is my Baahubali”. A proud daughter made above post. Indian Premier... Continue Reading →

Who is she?

She has taken care of her families for years. Firstly, the family she was born into and then the family she became a part of, without too many complaints and demands. If any one of them is in the slightest pain, she makes sure they visit the Doctor immediately while she ignores her own sufferings... Continue Reading →

Unrequited love..!!

The irony of life is when people spend a major part of their lives ruining themselves for they have lost what they thought to be a "true love". I mean it's insane to get so crazy behind a single soul. No no! That's not we call a true love, we call it an "unrequited love".... Continue Reading →

A piece of advice for Girls…!!

Caution: Whatever I am going to write is just a piece of advice.It’s not a critics or enforcement on any girl.You are free to follow your own heart and mind. Dear girls, Lend your eyes here. Here is something for you. Sorry for being bitter, but it’s worth it. You are not born to just get... Continue Reading →


"We make them cry, who care for us. We cry for those, who never care for us." This is the truth of life. Its STRANGE but TRUE!" Parents play an important role in our lives. They brought up their children despite of having so many socio-economic difficulties. They fulfill our every demand & never complain... Continue Reading →

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