‘Char Log Kya Kahenge’??

One day, 'A' meets 'B' (where 'A' is a student (Me) and 'B' is one of those 'Char Log Kya Kahenge'). Both start to have conversation. Note: 'A' has failed many times and 'B' knows about that. A: My greetings! Sir. B: Be happy. So, what's going on? A: Sir! I am pursuing higher studies.... Continue Reading →

How to balance ???????

  You know, Cycling is one of the toughest rides a kid learns. But do you know what is the toughest part of riding a bicycle? When a kid has to carry someone on his bicycle for the first time. Now four situations arise:- That kid falls. Now afraid of riding bicycle. That kid successfully... Continue Reading →

Happy B’day….To Me.!

Date:- Sunday, July, 30 1995   Today, is my 22nd birthday I realize that being twenty or something is not easy. You have to deal with a lot of things going around, till this age almost all of us have experienced now everything from heart breaks to love to friendship to fake friends,failures, extreme happiness,sadness,anxiety... Continue Reading →

Yeh Zindagi…….!!!!!!

  Shikwe toh bahut hain, tujhse ai zindagi. Par tune diya bhi itna hai, jo bahuto ko naseeb nahi hota! (I have so many complains, from you oh life. But you have blessed me so much that most of the people are not fortunate enough to have).- ( Source:- Unknown) You are a graduate, think... Continue Reading →

Life@ A Great Novel.!!

  Everyone has a story, and this story is usually called as "Life”. Life is a blank novel provided with a pen to everyone of us and where we are writing continuously, non stop but eventually one day comes when we stop writing!! Some people write a thick one or some write their novel with... Continue Reading →

How Can I be Me,Myself ????

First, you need to make some things really clear in your head. By repeating them again and again till it resonates in your mind. Nobody really cares. Trust me, nobody gives two fucks about what you’re upto, except your closest people. People want to see you do good in life, but never better than them.... Continue Reading →

Marriages, Dowry & Respect.!!

Yesterday, I was discussing something important with a friend. About marriages, dowry and respect. In the conversation, she told me that this is something that needs to be said. This is what I feel needs to be said. A marriage is about merging of two souls, and not two family egos. Whether it’s an arranged... Continue Reading →

You think,You have time.??

The trouble is, you think you have time… You don’t. Right now, you are reading this article. Now think about it. This might very well be the last thing you ever do. There is no power in this universe that can guarantee you that you’re going to live for one more second! Remember all those... Continue Reading →

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